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The Dangers of Holiday Drinking and Driving

December 20th, 2016

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It’s that time of year again in WNY, and before you get carried away with gift wrapping and eggnog, we wanted to pass along a friendly reminder to stay safe and avoid drunk driving during the holidays.

According to the National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 40% of traffic-related deaths from Christmas Eve to New Year’s involve drunk drivers. That’s a 12% spike from the rest of the month of December. The stats in the infographic below paint a scary picture of holiday driving that suggests we all take a step back and carefully consider our plans before we get behind the wheel this holiday season.

The Dangers of Holiday drinking and driving

We see far too many drunk driving cases around this time of year, and it’s never a pleasant situation for one to find him or herself in. To avoid making a mistake you may later regret, consider these tips before making holiday plans:


Uncle Steve probably won’t mind driving you home from grandma’s house, and your coworkers would surely rather see you get home safely from your work party than risk driving drunk. Never be afraid to ask for a ride home.

Call a Cab

You may not want to shell out the $30 to get home at the time, but drunk driving arrests often cost upwards of $10,000, and that number can rise to over $20,000 if you consider all the legal fees and insurance costs that result. And that’s nothing compared to potentially taking someone’s life.

Consider a Service Like the Designated Drivers of Buffalo

The DDOB is an organization that provides designated driver services to Western New Yorkers, which includes coming to your location and driving your car home for you if you are too intoxicated to drive yourself.

Get a Breathalyzer

This one might sound like strange advice, but if you’re planning on having one or two drinks and then driving home, having a portable breathalyzer handy can alert you to your estimated BAC. We’d prefer you didn’t have any drinks at all, but if you’re going to, a device like this can help you determine when it’s safe to get back on the road.