Premises Liability

Most personal injury lawsuits revolve around negligence caused by some defective or unsafe conditions in premises or workplaces. In Buffalo, NY, premises liability cases are mainly based on negligence. However, the victim must prove that the property owner was negligent and failed to use reasonable care regarding the property.

Property investment is a great way of getting high returns. However, property owners have a legal responsibility and duty of care to maintain good conditions and a reasonably safe environment to safeguard the occupants. This prevents and protects the occupants from accidents and injuries. The responsibility is known as premises liability which legally holds property owners liable for accidents and injuries on their property.

Such incidents may include slip and fall, escalator accidents, swimming pool accidents, amusement park accidents, fires, insufficient security, animal attacks, and others. Still, the burden of proof in a lawsuit lies on the victim. However, this should not worry you when you hire a skilled and experienced premises liability lawyer from Letro Law.

Finding a Premises Liability Lawyer in Buffalo, NY

When you suffer personal injuries from negligence, seek our Buffalo, NY lawyers to review your case and determine its validity. If your lawyer proves your claim, the judge will award you compensation for injuries and damages sustained.

Proving your case can be overwhelming and burdensome, so you need our well-skilled and qualified lawyers to present your claim. But how do you verify that our lawyers are the best for your case?

Get a free consultation or check our websites. Our website shows the list of lawyers at Letro Law. You can view and check their background, including their biography, education degrees, expertise, bar admissions, client testimonials, board affiliations, and cases won.

However, make sure you schedule a personal meeting with your lawyer and,

  • Understand how they will approach your case
  • Ask if they will personally handle the case
  • Discuss fees
  • Get a feel of their office, communication, and customer care
  • Finally, sign an agreement


Generally, you will need someone who understands the complexities of the legal structure in such cases to get justice. Letro Law excels in such lawsuits, but contact us today for more details and questions.

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