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Attorneys Prepared for Ride Sharing in WNY

Attorneys Prepared for Ride Sharing in WNY

With the arrival of Uber and Lyft (finally!) in Western New York, many of us saw first-hand the legal and political battle that played out to allow ride sharing to enter the marketplace. But now that it’s here, that doesn’t mean the legal troubles are over. Drivers and riders alike will now face new challenges that have already arisen in cities familiar with the phenomenon.

For example, what happens if a rider is injured in an accident while taking an Uber? How does ride sharing affect the driver in the case of an accident on the job? When a business model is more established, like taxis have been in WNY for some time, legal precedents are set that help attorneys and their clients handle legal cases that come up from time to time. But with this new territory, the stage is set for confusion and legal difficulties.

To combat this potential problem, the attorneys on our team at The Francis M. Letro Law Firm have taken steps to prepare themselves for the coming issues. We’ve spent diligent hours taking classes and brushing up on everything there is to know about Uber, Lyft, and potential problems that may arise in the coming months.

We’ve always taken pride in serving Western New York citizens when legal troubles arise, and now that the needs and lifestyles of our community are changing, we’re committed to changing with you, and being prepared for anything that comes our way.

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