Municipal Liability / Premises Liability

A municipal represents a government entity such as towns, states, and cities, like Buffalo, NY. Generally, municipalities are responsible for protecting people from injuries through proper repair, maintenance, and design of highways, buildings, and other public amenities. To avoid municipal liability, they have a duty of care, such as police services, building inspections, and other public safety codes.

Municipal Liability Buffalo, NY

A municipal liability relates to negligence by a town, city, or state arising from improper safety parameters by a municipality. But if you are hurt or injured in an accident on municipal property or an agency on which they have a duty of care, you have legal grounds to file a lawsuit against it. However, you will need municipal liability services from established lawyers like Letro Law.

These services include municipal liability lawyers who protect the rights of personal injury victims hurt on government property. You may also seek compensation for punitive damages such as unnecessary force by police and other related injuries. While you may have a solid case against a municipality, such lawsuits differ from those against insurance companies and ordinary citizens.

Finding a Municipal Liability Lawyer in Buffalo, NY

Municipal liability services include adept attorneys with unique expertise and knowledge to handle these cases. However, not all civil lawyers possess the experience and skills to represent you in a municipal-related accident lawsuit.

Finding the right attorney may be overwhelming, but knowing what qualities to look for will ease the burden. Also, consider asking around and doing your research. Still, make sure your lawyer,

  • Provides reliable consultation for cost management
  • Is well experienced in handling such lawsuits
  • Discloses all the fees required and if the payment is in installments or a lump sum
  • Is committed and has the time to handle your case
  • Keeps you updated on the progress of your case


Also, ensure you understand their services and licensure to handle such cases.

In all these aspects, hiring a municipal liability lawyer from Letro Law should be your first consideration to prove negligence. We have the expertise to meet your needs. But for more information and inquiries, contact us today.

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