Negligent Security

Property owners are responsible for ensuring their premises are safe from foreseeable harm. If this duty is breached, resulting in injury or assault, it constitutes negligent security. In Buffalo, victims of such breaches can seek justice and compensation with our dedicated negligent security attorneys.

Understanding a Negligent Security Claim

When preventable malicious attacks happen due to inadequate security, victims can rightfully raise a negligent security claim. These claims hinge on the principle that the harm could have been avoided with reasonable security measures. But remember, the success of your claim depends on the skilled representation from an experienced negligent security attorney.

At Letro Law, we guide you through the legal maze of negligent security claims to alleviate your financial burdens and support your recovery journey. We acknowledge the complexity of these claims and commit ourselves to listen, provide straightforward legal advice, and fight tirelessly for your rightful compensation.

Negligent security can display in various scenarios, such as inadequate lighting in a parking lot that leads to a mugging, malfunctioning locks in a hotel room resulting in a burglary, or lack of security personnel in a bar leading to an assault. Victims can rightfully raise a negligent security claim in any situation where insufficient security measures lead to harm.

What Do Our Negligent Security Attorneys Do?

Your journey to justice after a negligent security incident can be challenging. That's why our experienced lawyers work diligently to advocate for your rights. Here's how we serve you:

Build a Robust Case

We start by gathering all the necessary details and evidence to build a formidable case. Our meticulous lawyers leave no stone unturned in the quest for justice.

Thorough Investigation

Our team investigates all aspects of the incident and the associated security parameters. This involves reviewing photos, videos, medical reports, and other relevant documents to strengthen your case.

Engage with Key Parties

We meet with witnesses, first responders, insurance companies, and law enforcement officials to comprehensively view the incident. This helps us negotiate a fair settlement while you focus on your recovery.

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