Negligent Security

The responsibility of providing reasonable safety, free of foreseeable harm on premises for customers, tenants, guests, workers, and other stakeholders, lies on the property owner. Failing to do so, they can be legally held liable and sued for negligent security in Buffalo.

What's a Negligent Security Claim?

Generally, negligent security is an injury or assault you sustain from a preventable malicious attack if the premises it occurred had sufficient security. In Buffalo, such an experience presents a valid negligence security claim requiring a reliable and reasonable attorney. Basically, victims of security negligence are entitled to compensation.

Through a lawsuit guided by our reputable negligence security attorneys, you have a legal basis to get justice. Seeking compensation in a negligence claim may not compensate for the pain and agony, but it alleviates financial worries and covers the needed care while you recover.

Getting an attorney who understands the complexities of the legal system and is dedicated fully to ensuring your claim is successful is vital.

What Do Negligence Security Attorneys in Buffalo Do?

If you successfully prove a negligence claim, you will recover damages and get other befitting compensation. However, you don't have to worry about proving your case if you hire our qualified and licensed attorneys. Our experienced lawyers will help you cover vital aspects of the suit, giving you victory in the courtroom. But here is more.

Establishing a Solid Case

The attorney will first build a solid case by gathering all the required details and evidence to ensure you get full justice.


Our lawyers will fully investigate all the dimensions of the presented incidence and the expected security parameters in establishing your case. These may include reviewing photos, videos, and medical reports.

Meet with the involved parties

A negligent security attorney will meet with witnesses, first responders, insurance companies, and police officers to gather more details for a fair settlement as you recover.

Generally, our lawyers will also advise and update you on every step of the case to ensure you get full compensation. But for more information or inquiries, contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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