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Are you properly clearing snow from your parking lot?

Are you properly clearing snow from your parking lot?

You could be leaving yourself open to huge liabilities and not even realize it. As snow and ice build up in driveways and parking lots around Buffalo during the winter months, slips and falls become a more prevalent, dangerous threat. If you or your plowing service aren't clearing your lots effectively, you could be at risk.  

In November 2015, our firm won a personal injury case for a Buffalo woman who slipped and fell because the parking lot at her place of employment was not cleared properly. We know all too well the dangers associated with slippery sidewalks and parking lots, so when it comes to clearing snow, make sure you or your business get it done right.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Always Salt or Sand Your Lot

If you allow ice to form in your lots and neglect the use of salt or sand, you're putting yourself, your employees and your customers in danger. Even if your lot has already been cleared, melting snow from nearby piles can create new ice in your lot area. Always take precautions to avoid the formation of ice.

2. Don't Allow Buildup Of Snow Near Walkways

If your plow driver is pushing all the snow from your parking lot right next to a walkway, you're creating a potentially dangerous situation as that snow melts and turns into ice in your parking lot. Snow should be pushed to a safe distance away from heavily trafficked areas.

3. Be Thorough

Saving 20 minutes by skipping key precautions like clearing part of your lot or salting your walkways could cost you a lot more in the long run. Always be thorough and don't cut any corners. Clear and salt your lot  completely to provide the safest walk possible.

4. Get a Plow Contractor You Trust

Doing business with someone you trust is always important, but when finding someone to clear your lots, it becomes an even greater responsibility. Find a team that you know will get the job done right, and if your current contractor isn't meeting your standards, don't be afraid to find a new one.

The safety of your friends, family, coworkers, and customers is one of your most important considerations as a business or home owner. Take the right steps to ensure your lots are properly cleared, and eliminate needless dangers from your life.

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