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To an observer, the scene next week in the Erie County Ceremonial Courtroom will look like any other case pitting attorneys against each other. It will all be for show and learning, however.

Attorneys Hilary Banker, Patrick Curran and Francis Letro gather in the ceremonial courtroom, chatting amicably. It is a sight you might not see in many places: attorneys from three different firms - competitors - sharing some laughs and discussing their current workload.

Attorney and civic leader Francis Letro was elected chairman of the University at Buffalo Foundation Inc.

Letro, who has been on the foundation board since 2007, replaces Angelo Fatta. His one-year term expires June 30, 2013. Fatta was recently named to the State University of New York board of trustees.

For many lawyers, awards and accolades aren't why they do what they do. But for Buffalo personal injury attorney Francis Letro, last week was special.

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