If someone you care about died due to someone else's negligence, you might be entitled to legal compensation through a wrongful death suit. As wrongful death lawyers, we at Letro Law know that monetary compensation cannot erase the pain of loss. Nevertheless, we work hard to see that the guilty face justice and the victims' families are provided for financially. A loss of a loved one due to the carelessness of another is never easy to bear. Taking legal action while feelings are still raw might be difficult. Having an experienced attorney on one's side to help navigate the legal system and fight for one's rights is reassuring in a trying time.


A wrongful death occurs when a person is killed because of the recklessness or malice of another person or organization. Medical mistakes, car accidents, harmful pharmaceuticals, faulty products, work-related injuries, and violent acts are among the leading causes of wrongful death. Medical bills lost income and other economic losses, pain and suffering the decedent endured before death, burial costs, and punitive damages are everyday items claimed in these lawsuits. There may be long-term repercussions for more than just the immediate family of a wrongful death victim. Understanding the complexity of the issues at hand, we take the time to listen, explain how the law applies to your case, and provide the care you require.


We are committed to helping families who have lost a loved one due to negligence or wrongdoing obtain the justice and compensation they need to go on after such a tragedy. For over 30 years, Letro Law has helped families seek compensation for their loved ones killed due to someone else's carelessness. We recognize that loved ones seek understanding and resolution during this trying time. Francis Letro takes an active role in every case he takes on, from the very beginning to the very finish. He will fight relentlessly with our skilled attorneys to prevent the loss of your loved one from being overlooked or minimized.


After a loved one has passed away as a result of the carelessness of another, surviving family members can file a wrongful death claim on their behalf. Unfortunately, only the legal heirs of the deceased can sue the responsible parties for wrongful death. It might be challenging to determine if you meet the requirements to bring a claim in a wrongful death case due to the complexity of the law.


Cases involving wrongful death are notoriously tricky. Therefore, it's crucial to hire an attorney with relevant experience. Contact the knowledgeable lawyers at Letro Law as soon as possible if you need assistance with a wrongful death case in the Clarence, NY, area.

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